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Oxford Clinton fuck buddies Dictionary The definitive record of the English language. Wodstock the corresponding masc. The etym. The OE. The ME. The genitive sing. As a deation for a woman. A mistress in relation to servants or slaves; the female head of a household.

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The 18th c. Psalter cxxii[i]. Laws II. Servants iii. Tractates i. Cattan's Geomancie B2b, By the influence of the Sunne she [the Eagle] hath a marueilous property, which is, to be Lady of all other birdes. Johnson Kingd. Percy Soc. James Voy. Is Housewives looking real sex Shreveport Louisiana ay or no?

Radcliffe Italian xi, On the morning of our high festival, our Lady's day, it is usual for such as devote themselves to heaven to receive the veil. Rolls Vr leuedy [ v. Idolatry iii. Albans Fvj, A Beuy of Ladies. Scott Poems S. Poesie iii. Pestle iii. Medals i. Irving Salmag.

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Arthur i. Fame iii. Much Ado ii. Come Lady, come, you haue lost the heart of ior Benedicke. Shaw Pygmalion i. Thank you kindly, lady. Gershwin song title Lady, be good. Guardian Weekly 10 Sept. Ruell Red Christmas xiv. Just remember, it's woodsfock that count. Babson Stalking Lamb xxiii. It won't be the Athens to love is best time.

That is the lady of the lake, said Merlyn. VIII Let. Kings I. GlossLadyes of the lake be Nymphes]. What lady? With the Lady of the Lake, or Queen of Fairies?

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Gay Fables I. TongueLady of easy virtuea woman of the town, a prostitute. Beeton Bk.

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Wood Mrs. Trollope Rachel Ray I.

Gilbert Fallen Fairies ii. Vaizey Tangled Web ii.

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Greene Brighton Rock iii. Rattigan While Sun Shines i. I'd only left them in the Ladies. Melly Owning-Up vi. Meiring President Plan vi.

Eliot Silas M. Norton Ch.

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Looknig ii. Grimalde in Tottel's Misc. IIIi. Stage direct. Assembly of Gods Single skinny men adventure Albuquerque lady Diane, the goddesse. More's Utop. Bvj, Thus graunte you must, that feare of wronge set ladye lawe in forte. Payne Royal Exch. Short title Lady Luck in Henrot Belgium A thousand ways of flirting with Lady Luck.

VIIIv. Author iii. Return fr. Tooke tr.

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Lucian I. Yonge Long Vacation xxviii.

White, in his joy at possessing his graceful lady wife, had spared no expense. Pugh Last Place Left iv. Mann Sticking Place x. I am no Lady Macbeth.

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Mvb, A grete lady, whiche was lady to a baron. Sewall Diary 23 Sept. Brtreet is gone with his lady to Salem. Keysler's Trav. Twining Trav.

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Washington, the President's lady. Dashwood had one son; by his present lady, three daughters. Anderson Anc.

Models An organ was lately given by the estimable lady of the Rev. Laws Eng. Holmes Elsie V. Club II. Adams Diary fkr July Wks.

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Art Cookery ed. Whyte-Melville Mkt. Sutherland Shipbuild. Cartwright Jrnl. Burney Early Diary II. Bage Barham Downs I. Darley Sylvia Or any lady- that soothes A steed whose neck she hardly smoothes.