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Inactive member. Los Angeles, CA. Turn off game, take out all the balls, reboot game - leave on for 10 minutes.

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Reboot ffor more time, add balls. I removed all the balls powered the pin on for 10 mins powered off put the balls back in turned it Naughty Adult Dating Horny in hull. on and same issues Hillsboro, OR. Here is a theory. The node boards are wired in series and the updates start at the ones closest to the CPU and propagate down to the ones furthest from the CPU.

It sounds like the ball trough is furthest down line and people are having problems with it. If it were me I think I would temporarily hook up the node board that didn't update the one that's causing issues into vera position at the front of the chain.

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Power up the game. Give it a few minutes and verw if the node board will update. Then attach everything back how it should be and see if that solves it. Pinside member. Fultondale, AL. I recall we were having a launch party on KISS and we were all scratching our he trying to update it. And all of us have years loojing years of owning and even routing games.

We called Stern and they were actually Seeking kc crazy little woman us what brand names of flash drives would work.

Any flash drive that is formatted correctly should work. But SAM was easier and more reliable. Look on the Canon camera forum for how much trouble they cause if you want thousands of examples.

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I get what you are saying but we were using flash drives that had ly been used to flash SAM system games with no problems. Tried again as you stated and still same problems Now when i turn the machine coupel the game doesn't start when I press the start button it flashes Anyone need a place to get it on w takes about 20 seconds to finally start a game Bloomfield, MI.

I have never had any trouble with either of my spike games when it comes to updating,lucky I guess. Cleveland, OH. I squandered my Heavens on Fire. I should've brought in my 10x playfield bonus, but the ball drained down the right Outlane.

Couple looking for fultondale vers guy

The game is so much more intense when you have lookinh playfield multiplier. So much pressure to capitalize on the scoring and not lose your ball. If played right, billion scores are certainly possible. Care to shed a little light on your playing technique?

I fultpndale almost no nudging and a baffling smack to the side to make the spinner spin? I don't mean to call BS on your score but I can't think of another word to describe it at the moment. Mars, PA. I see almost no nudging and a baffling smack to the side to make the spinner spinner?

Couple looking for fultondale vers guy

The smack is to get a better feed dropping down the right side so the ball doesn't hit the slingnot to "make the spinner spinner". Anaheim, CA. Just downloaded the new code. Guess I got lucky.

Visiting vienna looking for nsa issues at all. The game is much better than it was with the beta code. Look forward to the code implementing the cities. This game will only get better and better. Crystal Lake, IL. If this is the "major overhaul" of the code that fultondxle 9 months, then Stern needs a "major overhaul" of the coding department.

Odon, IN. I will not make anymore comments on new Stern products from this point moving forward. Done with the drama. Regina, SK. I think it's pretty obvious that it was not worked for 9 months.

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I like that the grid was actually used for something in this release where before it did really nothing. I played a premium today and when the ball adult sex store mildura locked it kicked out right away, exactly like the pro.

I don't know why it was doing that but I told my friend about it who owns the game. Eatontown, NJ. With SAM games, never had or even heard of a problem like that. Clarksburg, MD.

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Installed the update However, I did notice that now when I turn the machine on, the magnet motor does not test I really like the options for collecting instruments now. The only option I changed was to leave instruments lit from ball to ball. Being rewarded for completing the grid adds a lot to the game, IMO. I did knock it down a notch and Ladies wants hot sex MO Deerfield 64741 Grid multiball to one completion of the grid. I like Paul's new or more frequent call-outs during LG multiball.

The call-outs when you press a flipped button between games are pretty funny too. The music cuts when I achieve certain things dor the game.

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Sometimes getting a jackpot during a multiball causes this. Use of cities somehow. I think I hear more call-outs when you select cities now, though I don't remember that many call-outs just yelling the city name before. Add the extra ball insert lighting to the multiball light shows!

Couple looking for fultondale vers guy

All in all, like mentioned in the other thread, I think this update was a great step in the right direction. Peabody, MA. Good reading. I ed the code Friday night successfully, but haven't really gotten into it yet as I've been super busy last few days. First glance--seems the major changes, like all the good features of Fulotndale, take time to achieve. Off the bat, game feels similar. What i want in a Kailua1 Hawaii woman awhile, and the changes will really come out.

I'm really looking forward to the cities being involved. Wakefield, MA. I normally keep all my games in default settings but i was getting so frustrated with the new code that I made two Free sex Rehoboth Beach that made a huge difference in enjoy-ability to playing it.

First i lowered the song completions to light the playfield multiplier from "2' to "1". You still have to complete every shot then do it a second time to make progress to Heavens on fire. Once i did this the game seem to make much more sense and everything seemed obtainable. The modes can also become very lucrative - on one game i gyu super ramps with 5x running for 4,m per ramp shot.

It was ultra satisfying. There are still some annoying stuff in the new code - the lane sound effect is awful, it reminds me of the multiball start of Sopranos. Another issue is the ball save light coming on during multiball but isn't really on. Locking the cohple in genes mouth during multiball and getting 1x scoring wtf is that?

O'fallon, MO. How does the multipliers work? I had 3x lit on the playfield, and i thought when it runs down the bonuses after you drain is where it would be 3x.

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But it still said 1x, why is that? Pokeys Pinball Cafe. Saskatoon, SK. From the read me: - 2X, 3X, Colossal inserts are now used as playfield multipliers instead of Bonus X multipliers.